AAVI® 600 Tuuli Air Purifier

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AAVI® 600 from Voltec Global is an efficient indoor-air purifier for schools and public buildings.


The AAVI® 600 is a stand-alone air purifier ideal for managing the air quality in your indoor public space. It can also be connected to all standard HVAC systems and air ducts to purify incoming outdoor air. The AAVI® 600 uses a water wash cleaning system to clean the collectors and maintain the purifying efficiency of the unit, meaning that you save the time and environmental impact from a regular HEPA filter change. This affordable and low maintenance device air purifying solution has a heat exchanger in place so the temperature remains consistent.

Ideal for small to medium sized public spaces up to 600m³/h, the AAVI® 600 is used widely among a range of commercial and public buildings. Helping to catch even the smallest sized impurities removing pollutants, bacteria, allergens, mould, odours & viruses from indoor air, the AAVI® 600 is use in schools, office buildings, gyms, restaurants, hotels and shopping centres helping keep the air clean.