AAVI® 2000 Air Purifier

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AAVI® 2000 Ionjet air purifier from Voltec Global is perfect for handling larger air quantities.

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The AAVI® 2000 Ionjet air purifier is designed to handle large quantities of dust and provide pure air to your larger indoor space. Helping to keep your industrial or commercial environment air in the best condition, by removing pollutants, chemicals, viruses, allergens and more. Cleaning up to nano-sized particles the AAVI® 2000 Ionjet air purifier is ideal for your hospital, medical & care facility, hotel, building, business offices or large hall where clean air is required.

Connectable to all standard HVAC systems and air ducts, the AAVI® 2000 is the filter-free and easy to maintain commercial air purification device you need that is effortlessly cleaned with water. By removing the time and environmental impact from a regular HEPA filter change, the AAVI® 2000 is an affordable solution to keeping your indoor air clean for your staff, patients and customers helping to catch even the smallest sized impurities removing pollutants, bacteria, allergens, mould, odours & viruses from indoor air. Whether you have a commercial, educational or residential building, the AAVI® 2000 is the air purification solution you need for spaces up to 2500m³/h.