AAVI® 1000 Air Purifier

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AAVI® 1000 from Voltec Global is the indoor air purifier for your office, school, shop or other indoor space.

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The industrial air purifier that is connectable to all standard HVAC systems and air ducts. The AAVI® 1000 is the filter-free and easy to maintain commercial air purification device you need. With the only cleaning requirements being a water wash cleaning system to clean the collectors and maintain the purifying efficiency of the unit. As a result you save the time and environmental impact from a regular HEPA filter change. As such, the AAVI® 1000 is an affordable solution to keeping your indoor air clean for your staff and customers.

Ideal for workplaces with dust or small particulates, our industrial air purifier is the perfect solution. This makes it ideal for facilities, like machine shops, where metal particles, are present. However the units are not limited for use in these areas. Accordingly they can also be used in schools, shopping centres, offices, and hotels. If you have any questions on other areas of use then please get in touch.

Air Cleaning Technology

The AAVI® 1000 uses internationally patented IonJet technology. This helps to catch even the smallest sized impurities removing pollutants, bacteria, allergens, mould, odours & viruses from indoor air. Whether you have a commercial, educational or residential building, the AAVI® 1000 is the air purification solution you need for spaces up to 1000m³/h. So what about efficiency? The 1000 can remove 99% of air impurities.

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