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Developed to Purify Air

At Voltec, we believe there is a better way to do air purification. A more effective, less confusing way where customers can expect our products to do what we say they will. We’re obsessively passionate about clean air, and our mission is to help people achieve the best quality indoor air that we can provide. We even provide the independent tests that prove their efficiency and what our products are capable of. It’s one of the elements we’re most proud of and we’ve worked with experts in bio aerosols along the way. We’re excited to provide simply clean air for everyone through our range of stand alone, industrial and custom options.

The History of Simply Clean Air

Voltec Global are the official UK distributor of AAVI air purification products. We are a sister company to Genvolt, who make the high voltage power supply that goes in the Leaf purifier. Genvolt has been established for 30 years and manufacture high voltage power supplies, used in pharma, 3d printing, x-ray machines, particle physics, and in the defence sectors.

A New Leaf® Air Purifier

The AAVI range consists of the standalone Leaf®, which is available in four different models of air purifiers, each capable of air purification by removing particulates from indoor air. The Leaf Medic has passed demanding EMC tests and is safe to use around sensitive medical machinery.

To Clean Air and Beyond

If you need an air purifier that provides excellent air filtration but have a larger area then we have the AAVI 600 Tuuli. Perfect for mid sized open areas, like gyms, that don’t quite need a full industrial system but still need clean air. Then, at the top end of the range we have the AAVI 1000 & AAVI 2000. These IonJet air purifiers are designed to handle large quantities of air and are based on the unique technology that is designed to remove indoor air of small, even nano-sized particulates.

If our standard range doesn’t quite suit your requirements then we can provide a custom solution that utilises ESP/WESP (Electrostatic Precipitator / Wet Electro-static Precipitator)technology. The industrial cleaners are >99% efficient at air purification and are suitable for industrial processes.


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Designed to adapt to your surroundings with wireless technology.

Voltec Global’s AAVI® Leaf Exclusive is easy to use. The control buttons are clearly visible with indicator lights highlighting different operations making your air purification as easy as possible.

The self-washing cycle cleans dirt from the inner collection surface, which ensures an effective and continuous air purification. Data of real-time air quality is sent to your smartphone so that you can follow up and manage any changes in air quality in real time through the smartphone (Available on the AAVI® Leaf Premium and AAVI® Leaf Exclusive).

How the purifiers work

AAVI® technology is challenging traditional air purification technologies in efficiency, durability and Flexibility. As an innovative high-tech company specialised in clean-tech field, AAVI® offers diversified and no-filter air purification solutions not only for indoor spaces but also for example in control of industrial emissions to the atmosphere.

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AAVI Leaf Diagram

Technical Downloads

AAVI LEAF ® Manual

Air Purification Device Report

Structure and operating principle of Aavi Leaf®

The Aavi Leaf® air purifier cleans airborne particles and aerosols and removes pathogens from the air. The air to be purified is sucked through the grille at the bottom of the device into an ionizer operating on the Ionjet principle.

Negative high voltage is led to the electrode in the Ionjet ionizer. When the electric field strength is sufficient, electrons emit from the tip of the electrode. As the electrons encounter with air molecules, more electrons are released from them, and the molecule itself charges while some molecules decay. A strong electric field thus causes an ion avalanche and a further jet of ions towards the grounded wall.

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Removes 99.7% of air pollutants, chemicals, mould, viruses, bacteria and allergens air impurities.