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Close your eyes, imagine yourself at the top of a mountain on a crisp morning, breathing in the fresh clean air, now open your eyes to the beautiful vista before you. Whilst we can’t promise you the amazing view, what we can do is to open your eyes to the benefits of the Leaf® range of environmentally friendly air purifiers.

Why can’t you enjoy this feeling every day, in an age where we all deserve to enjoy the benefits that clean air provides to our health and wellbeing.

At Voltec our aim is to revolutionise air purification in homes, businesses, public venues, and even super yachts. These innovative air purifiers can remove large amounts of dust, viruses, bacteria, pollen, chemicals & even nano-sized particles from indoor air, they are even effective at the disinfection of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and other pathogens.

Air Purifiers Cleaning Range

AAVI Leaf ® Pro Air Purifier

AAVI Leaf ® Pro from Voltec Global is a home air purifier, efficiently removing airborne pollutants and particles. It is a perfect choice for keeping your indoor air clean.


AAVI Leaf ® Premium Air Purifier

The AAVI® Leaf Premium from Voltec Global offers diversified and filter less indoor air purification solutions for your office or business space.


AAVI Leaf® Exclusive Air Purifier

The AAVI® Leaf Exclusive luxury air purifier supports luxury and exclusive environments with its indoor air purification, using patented IonJet technology, to provide simply clean air.


AAVI Leaf ® Medic Air Purifier

The AAVI® Leaf Medic from Voltec Global is the medical grade air disinfection and purification version of the Leaf that works to purify the air at your hospital, recovery suite, care home or high-risk building through patented IonJet technology.



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Stand alone or connects to existing HVAC system, the AAVI® air purification technology removes over 99.7% of air impurities, it deactivates pathogens like the Coronavirus & it has a low noise level.

Efficiency, durability and flexibility with wireless technology.

Voltec Global’s AAVI® Leaf Exclusive is easy to use. The control buttons are clearly visible with indicator lights highlighting different operations making your air purification as easy as possible.

The self-washing cycle cleans dirt from the inner collection surface, which ensures an effective and continuous air purification. Data of real-time air quality is sent to your smartphone so that you can follow up and manage any changes in air quality in real time through the smartphone (Available on the AAVI® Leaf Premium and AAVI® Leaf Exclusive).

AAVI Air Purification Technology




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Air Purifiers Don’t Believe The Hype

Whilst researching air purifiers, air purification technology and air cleaning devices we have come across many claims. These vary from being able to kill the Coronavirus to machines having 99.9999% purification efficiency. We’ve also seen devices advertised that are so small that they can sit on an office desk and that claim to purify the


AAVI Leaf® air purifiers are also suitable for hospital use

AAVI® technology is proven to remove microbes from indoor air, and AAVI® air purifiers are thus an excellent method in the fight against the spread of microbes, viruses and bacteria in hospital environments. Disease-causing microbes are very small in size. Typically, flu-causing viruses are sized from 80 to 120 nm, but bacteria or clusters can


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One of the most important features of an air purifier isn't necessarily what it can remove from the surrounding air or even how efficiently this is done, it is in fact how much air it can clean in an hour, this is known as CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate. All Leaf air purifiers have a CADR of 160m³/h, this means that for a room of about 8mtr x 8mtr x 2.4mtr the air in that space would be purified once an hour.

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8 months ago

Removes 99.7% of air pollutants, chemicals, mould, viruses, bacteria and allergens air impurities.