Air Purifiers Don’t Believe The Hype

Air Purifiers
Don’t Believe The Air Purifier Hype

Whilst researching air purifiers, air purification technology and air cleaning devices we have come across many claims. These vary from being able to kill the Coronavirus to machines having 99.9999% purification efficiency. We’ve also seen devices advertised that are so small that they can sit on an office desk and that claim to purify the surrounding air, vacuum cleaners that capture & kill viruses, and so the list goes on.

Now whilst these claims may or may not be true the one thing that we have not been able to find is evidential proof to backup these claims. Therefore, with our air purifiers we only mention their true potential. Additionally, we have an independent test report that we have made available for all to see. The report covers the efficacy of the Leaf air purifier in removing microbes from the air by using a strong microbial aerosol containing bacterial spores, fungal spores, vegetative bacterial cells, and viruses! If you want, you can download the report for free from our website.

What can they do?

The Leaf range comes in four different options, the Pro, Premium, Exclusive, and the Medic. Each one is identical in its size and they all have the same capabilities. Except for the Medic, which we will talk about later. The Pro is the entry level purifier which is effectively plug in and go. If you want a bit more functionality you can chose the Premium. This comes with Bluetooth enabled smart control or the Exclusive which had the added benefit of both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi smart control.

The smart control provides real-time indoor air quality information straight to your smart phone. Effectively allowing you to actively monitor any changes and amend the device settings at your convenience. With the application running you can monitor the PM2.5 and CO2 concentration, the temperature, and the humidity of the purified air. You can also monitor the history of each of the readings so you can see how your air quality has improved over time. With the schedule menu you can chose what days you would like the air purifier to run and schedule automatic start times as well as setting the fan speed of the device.

We’ve even provided an LED brightness setting for day and night modes so that you don’t get disturbed during your sleep. The app is available to download from both the Apple App and Google Play Store.

Medical Grade Air Cleaning

This leaves the Medic, which is designed for use within medical facilities and comes with upgraded internals that allow for air purification around sensitive medical equipment. The Medic has passed independent EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) tests. The tests consist of radio frequency, radiated emissions, and magnetic field tests. If you would like to learn more about the tests and how they were conducted, you can email us for a copy of the report.

We spend a notable amount of time indoors. The space we are in should therefore be clean and be able to support our wellbeing. Part of this is having clean indoor air. This is even more important if you suffer from allergies, have air pollution or chemicals are in use. The Leaf® air purifier helps to maintain your health and wellbeing as it removes bacteria, viruses, and mould from indoor air.

Tests have proven that it deactivates pathogens like the Coronavirus. This makes it is safe and easy to use and maintain All thanks to the filter-free technology that does not amass pathogens. This also makes it an environmentally friendly choice.

Remember that using an air purifier is not a silver bullet and you should always put other measures into place to ensure the best quality air for your indoor space. In this article we will provide you with a few essential details about the capabilities of our air purifiers.

So how efficient are air purifiers?

After all the research, design, and development, our air purifiers are 99.7% efficient at removing airborne particulates. All of this is done without the need for HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. Some HEPA filters are priced at over £100. These have filter replacement schedules of either 4-, 6- or 12-month intervals depending on manufacturer or model. All of this adds to an ongoing cost in the use of an air purifier. Something you do not have to worry about with the Leaf range. There is also some concern in the professional sector of the dangers in handling ‘spent’ filters. This and the possibility of breathing in the collected particulates. On normal use our Leaf air purifiers run at a maximum of 50W, which is about the same as a standard lightbulb.

How do they work?

Air Purification
Leaf Air Purification

In its simplest form each of our Leaf devices works by drawing the air in through an air inlet grille near its base. The drawn in air is then passed through the patented IonJet. This in turn is powered by a high voltage power supply produced by Genvolt. The IonJet creates a strong electric field which causes an ion avalanche towards the ionization chamber wall. The ions in the generated ion beam and the generated ozone deactivate pathogens & other air impurities. The purified air is then passed through an activated carbon filter. This removes any particulates that first managed to avoid the first pass cleaning. It is also used to remove the generated ozone.

Are air purifiers noisy?

The Leaf air purifiers have three fan speeds. On their lowest setting the machines produce just 39dB, which is quieter than light rain. On its maximum setting produces 59dB. Normal conversation is 60dB, so our machines are quite quiet.

What is the recommended room size?

For a decent air purification cleaning rate our recommended room size is between 16-64m² or 172-689sqft. To calculate the square meter of the room all you need to do is multiply the length by the width. So, a room that is 16 feet by 30 feet would be 480 square feet or 44.5 square meters.

Clearing the air

We hope that throughout this article we have managed to answer a few questions, dispel a few myths, and inform along the way. To conclude, whichever option you decide to go with, follow our advice. Do some research into the products you are interested in and remember if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Removes 99.7% of air pollutants, chemicals, mould, viruses, bacteria and allergens air impurities.